Having problems with your dentures?
The difference begins here at Ancaster Denture Clinic.
Life is too short to live with bad dentures and miss out on a beautiful smile.

Here at our clinic, we offer comprehensible, professional advice.
A consultation with Kyle Zimmerman, Denturist,
means you deal directly with the expert who personally designs and constructs your dentures.

¬†What To Expect at your First Appointment in Our Office…

1. You will be greeted when you arrive by our staff in a friendly and welcoming manner.

2. You will briefly be seated in our clean & modern sitting area. Information on various treatment topics are available at your fingertips.

3. Kyle Zimmerman, Denturist, will personally invite you into our treatment room where he will LISTEN to your situation, desires etc. while asking questions to help formulate the best treatment possible for YOU!

4. A Professional Oral Exam will be preformed by Kyle Zimmerman to determine the treatment options directly related to your specific needs.

5. All treatment options will be presented and the Best Possible Treatment will be chosen specifically for you!

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